Plastic Yeast Storage Vials 50ml

$6.00$8.00 Inc GST

plastic yeast storage vials
Plastic Yeast Storage Vials 50ml $6.00$8.00 Inc GST

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These 50ml plastic vials are the perfect size to create your yeast bank.

Simply sterilize, then transfer your washed yeast to these vials and store them in the fridge so you always have your yeast ready to go!

Color: Transparent Tube, blue cap.
Material: Plastic.
Size: ‎11.6X3.3CM
Capacity: 50ml.

Smooth products, good transparency with accurate and clear measurement scale.
Suitable for brewing yeast and other liquids that require sterile conditions.
Includes a screw cap, providing a safe, reliable and leak- resistant seal.

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