New Zealand Hops

Discover the essence of New Zealand Hops in our select range, renowned for their unique, vibrant profiles. Perfect for brewers seeking exotic flavors, our collection includes:

  • Nectaron: Rich in stone fruit and tropical notes.
  • Nelson Sauvin: Offers a sophisticated, wine-like character.
  • Motueka: Known for its lively lemon-lime and mojito flavors.
  • Riwaka: Delivers a bold, citrusy punch.

We offer these hops in various sizes – 100g for trial batches, 250g and 500g for regular brewing, and 1kg for large-scale projects or consistent supply. Elevate your brewing with the distinct flavors of New Zealand Hops.

the new zealand flag over the top of a closeup of hops pellets
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Showing all 4 results