Mosaic Hops

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mosaic hops
Mosaic Hops $9.00$66.00 Inc GST

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Alpha acid percentage12.9%
Oil content1.1 mL/100g
Myrcene percentage55 % of total oil
SubstitutesSimcoe, Citra, Nugget
Beer stylesIPA, Pale Ale, IPL, Stout
Flavour ProfileFruit, berries
Crop year2022
FormatT90 Pellets

Ideal Beer Styles for Mosaic Hops

Mosaic Hops in American IPAs

Mosaic hops are a popular choice for American IPAs, especially hazy or juicy ones, because they impart a complex and intense blend of tropical fruit, citrus, pine, and earthy flavours and aromas. Whether you’re using Mosaic hops throughout the brewing process or as a single hop, they’re a versatile and flavoursome addition to your IPA recipe.

Fruity Twist in American Pale Ales

Looking to add a refreshing and fruity twist to your pale ale? Mosaic hops can provide those delicious mango, pineapple, and tangerine notes you’re after. With their smooth bitterness and powerful aroma, Mosaic hops are often paired with other hops such as Citra, Simcoe, or Cascade in pale ales, creating a true sensory experience for the beer lover.

Mosaic Hops and American Wheat Beers

The light and crisp character of American wheat beers can be beautifully complemented by the floral and citrus flavours and aromas of Mosaic hops. Balancing the sweetness and spiciness of wheat malts and yeast, Mosaic hops are often used for late additions or dry hopping in wheat beers, giving them that extra burst of flavour.

Refreshing American Blonde Ales with Mosaic Hops

Looking to enhance the easy-drinking and refreshing quality of your American blonde ale? Using Mosaic hops for flavour and aroma additions can bring subtle and smooth fruity and floral notes to the beer. With their mild bitterness and clean finish, Mosaic hops are a wonderful addition to your blonde ale recipe.

Complexity in American Amber Ales

If you’re brewing an American amber ale and want to add some complexity and depth, Mosaic hops can infuse your brew with piney and earthy flavours and aromas. Balancing the maltiness and caramel notes of the style, Mosaic hops are often used for late additions or dry hopping in amber ales, giving them an irresistible edge.

Why Choose Mosaic Hops?

Mosaic hops are a great choice for these beer styles because they have a unique and versatile flavour and aroma profile that can suit different types of beers. Not only do they provide a smooth bitterness and a strong aroma, but they also enhance the hop-forward character of many American styles. In fact, Mosaic hops are one of the most used – and recognisable – hop varieties in use today.

So, if you’re a home brewer considering using Mosaic hops for your next batch, you can be confident that they’ll add a distinct and delightful character to your beer. Happy brewing!

Tips for Brewaing with Mosaic Hops

Mosaic hops are a versatile, dual-purpose hop that can be used for both bittering and aroma additions in your home brew. They have a complex and unique blend of floral, tropical, fruity, and earthy flavours and aromas, with notes of blueberry, mango, guava, papaya, citrus, pine, spice, rose, earthy, floral, and bubblegum. With such a distinct profile, it’s no wonder Mosaic hops are one of the most popular and recognisable hop varieties in use today.

IPA and Pale Ale Friendly

Mosaic hops are the go-to choice for IPAs and pale ales, especially hazy or juicy ones. Their stunning and intense hop profile makes them a perfect match for these hop-forward beer styles.

Timing is Everything: Boil vs. Fermentation

While Mosaic hops can be used throughout the brewing process, they really shine when added at the end of the boil or during fermentation (dry hopping). Doing so allows them to retain more of their flavour and aroma oils that would otherwise boil off or fade away.

Pairing Mosaic Hops with Complementary Hops

To enhance the hop-forward character of Mosaic hops, try pairing them with other hops that have similar or complementary characteristics. Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe, or Cascade hops can add some contrast with bright citrus, herbal, floral, or piney notes.

Mosaic hops are a fantastic addition to any home brew, especially IPAs and pale ales. Remember to add them at the end of the boil or during fermentation to maximise their flavour and aroma potential, and consider pairing them with complementary hops for a well-rounded hop profile. Sourcing and storing them properly will ensure you can enjoy their unique characteristics in your brews, even if you need to substitute them with other hop varieties.

Mosaic Hops Substitutes

As a home brewer, you might be familiar with the popularity and distinct flavour profile of Mosaic hops. But what happens when you can’t get your hands on them, or they’re just a bit too pricey for your budget? Fear not! We’ve got some worthy alternatives that you can try, each with their unique characteristics that might just be the perfect fit for your next brew.


If you’re after a hop with a similar citrus and tropical fruit character to Mosaic, Citra hops might be your new best mate. With more grapefruit and lime notes, this hop can offer a smooth bitterness and strong aroma. And hey, why not mix things up and use Citra alongside Mosaic or other hops to create a balanced and exciting hop profile?


Craving the citrus and pine character of Mosaic but want to add a bit more earthy and resinous depth? Simcoe hops can give you just that, with a moderate bitterness and complex aroma. Combining Simcoe with Mosaic or other hops can help you create a diverse, multi-layered hop profile to keep your taste buds guessing.


Amarillo hops share the citrus and floral charm of Mosaic, but with a delightful twist of orange and apricot notes. They can provide a smooth bitterness and a tropical aroma, making Amarillo an excellent option to pair with Mosaic or other hops for a refreshing hop profile that’ll make you think of sunny days by the beach.


If you love the citrus and floral tones of Mosaic but want to bring in some added grapefruit and spicy notes, Cascade hops are a top-notch choice. With a moderate bitterness and a crisp finish, using Cascade alongside Mosaic or other hops can help create a classic hop profile that’s reminiscent of your favourite retro tunes.


Love the citrus and floral character of Mosaic but looking for more lemon and grapefruit notes? Look no further than Centennial hops! They offer a moderate bitterness and a clean finish, making them a fantastic option to pair with Mosaic or other hops for a bright and zesty hop profile that’ll put a smile on your dial.

Adjusting Your Recipes and Brewing Methods


When using hop substitutes, you need to consider the alpha acid percentage and flavour intensity of the alternative hop. You might need to use more or fewer hops to achieve the desired bitterness and flavour in your beer.


To obtain the desired bitterness, flavour, and aroma of the beer, you may need to change the timing of adding the hops. For instance, bittering hops are added early in the boil, while aroma hops are added later in the process.


In some cases, you might need to mix different hop varieties to achieve a similar or complementary effect as Amarillo hops. Blending hops can lead to unique and appealing flavour profiles.

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