Cascade Hops (USA)

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Cascade Hops (USA) $8.00$48.00 Inc GST

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Discover the quintessential American hop variety with our premium Cascade hops. Cultivated in the USA, these hops are the heart and soul of many classic American ales.

Celebrated for their unique spicy and citrus notes, they impart a distinct grapefruit character that’s both refreshing and bold. Ideal for brewers seeking to add a vibrant, zesty twist to their creations.

Experience the rich, aromatic profile of Cascade hops in your next brew and elevate your beer to new heights of flavor.


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Packaging Sizes and Details

We sell Cascade hops in the following packaging sizes

  • 100g – mylar bag
  • 250g – mylar bag
  • 500g – resealable mylar bags
  • 1kg – resealable mylar bags

Flavour and Aroma Profile

cascade flavour profile

Cascade hops are renowned for their distinct flavor and aroma profile, characterized by a blend of citrus and grapefruit notes, complemented by spicy and floral qualities. 

This unique combination contributes to their popularity in various beer styles, particularly in American Pale Ales

Brewing Guide and Usage Tips

Cascade hops, a dual-purpose variety, are ideal for both bittering and aroma in homebrew beer. When used for bittering, add them early in the boil to extract their moderate bitterness. 

For aroma, add them late in the boil, typically in the last 15-30 minutes, to capture their distinct grapefruit, citrus, and floral notes. 

Dry hopping with Cascade, especially in the last few days of fermentation, can enhance the hop’s aromatic qualities without adding additional bitterness. This method is particularly effective in styles like American Pale Ales and IPAs, where the hop’s characteristics are a focal point. 

Always store Cascade hops properly, as their alpha acid content decreases over time, impacting flavor intensity


Cascade hops are commonly paired with several other hop varieties, each offering unique complementary flavors:

  1. Centennial: Adds similar citrus and floral notes, enhancing Cascade’s profile.
  2. Chinook: Provides a piney contrast to Cascade’s citrus flavors.
  3. Simcoe: Offers a combination of earthy, piney, and fruity tones, complementing Cascade’s citrus character.
  4. Columbus: Known for its strong bittering quality and earthy aroma, it balances Cascade’s milder bitterness.
  5. Citra: Introduces more pronounced citrus and tropical fruit flavors, amplifying Cascade’s citrus aspect.
  6. Mosaic: Adds complex berry and tropical fruit notes, enriching the overall hop bouquet.

Cascade Substitutes

Common substitutes for Cascade hops include:

  1. Amarillo: Offers similar citrus notes but with a higher alpha acid content. Be aware of the increased bitterness.
  2. Centennial: Known as ‘Super Cascade’, it has higher alpha acids and more intense flavors, often used in IPAs.


Cascade hops were developed in the 1950s at Oregon State University by Jack Horner’s team. Released in 1972, they are a product of open pollination between the English Fuggle and Russian Serebrianka varieties. 

Typical Technical Details

Alpha Acids5.0 – 8.0%
Beta Acids5.0 – 7.5%
Co-Humulone33 – 37.5%
Total Oil0.7 – 2.0 mL/100g
Myrcene Oil45 – 60%
Humulene Oil8 – 16%
Caryophyllene Oil4.0 – 9.0%
Farnesene Oil4.5 – 8.5%

Beers That Feature Cascade Hops

Three popular craft beers available in Australia that feature Cascade hops are:

  1. Young Henrys Newtowner: This pale ale uses a blend of Vic secret, Cascade, and Galaxy hops, offering a fun, fruity, and slightly bitter profile.
  2. Pirate Life Pale Ale: Features Cascade and Mosaic hops, delivering a West Coast pale ale style with a full malty backbone and characterful yeast.
  3. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: Known for prominently featuring Cascade hops, this beer is a classic example of an American Pale Ale with a distinct hop flavor and aroma.

Why You Should Buy Cascade From The Yeast Platform?

Lower Prices

When you buy bulk hops from our store, you can enjoy significant savings compared to purchasing smaller quantities. This means you can stock up on your favourite hops without breaking the bank.

Fresher Quality

Another advantage of buying hops in bulk is the assurance of fresher quality.

Our hops are stored and packaged in optimal vacuum sealed conditions to ensure they maintain their freshness and unique characteristics, which translates to better-tasting beer.

Fast and Secure Delivery

We understand that home brewers are keen to get their hands on fresh hops as soon as possible. That’s why we offer fast and secure delivery, so you can start brewing in no time.

Chose from standard or express delivery.

Most orders are shipped the same business day if received before 12 midday.

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