Galaxy Hops

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Galaxy Hops From $19.00 Inc GST

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Galaxy hops, originating from Australia, are a standout hop variety characterized by their tropical fruit dominance, with negligible floral, pine, or spice notes.

Bred from an Australian high alpha female and Perle male, they exhibit alpha acid levels between 15% and 19.8%.

Their excellence in bittering and high essential oil content make them particularly suited for flavor and aroma enhancements, especially through late additions or dry hopping, bringing out vibrant citrus and tropical passion fruit flavors​.

Batch Specifics

  • Origin: Australia
  • Alpha Acid: 14.9%
  • Crop year: 2022


T90 Hop Pellets

Packaging Sizes and Details

We sell Galaxy hops in the following packaging sizes

  • 250g – mylar bags
  • 500g – resealable mylar bags
  • 1kg – resealable mylar bags

Flavour and Aroma Profile

galaxy flavour and aroma profile

Galaxy hops are renowned for their high essential oil concentration, imparting intense flavors and aromas. They predominantly feature notes of passion fruit, juicy peach, and citrus zest, creating a bold and dynamic profile in beers.

Brewing Guide and Usage Tips

Galaxy hops are dual-purpose, suitable for both bittering and aroma. Their high alpha acid levels provide excellent bittering qualities, while their rich essential oil content brings out distinctive flavors and aromas.

For maximum impact, use Galaxy hops late in the boil or for dry hopping. This timing accentuates their punchy passionfruit, juicy peach, and tangy citrus notes.

They’re ideal for various beer styles, including IPAs and pale ales, enhancing the beer’s complexity and tropical character​.


Common hops paired with Galaxy include:

  1. Amarillo: Enhances grapefruit notes.
  2. Citra & Simcoe: Commonly used in IPAs for a balanced profile.
  3. Centennial & Chinook: Offers a blend of citrus and piney flavors.
  4. Nelson: Complements with equal proportion for a balanced IPA.
  5. Columbus: Adds variety in flavor profiles.
  6. EKG (East Kent Goldings): Provides a traditional contrast to Galaxy’s tropical nature.
  7. Meridian: Enhances the tropical theme


Suitable substitutes for Galaxy hops include:

  1. Simcoe: Offers a somewhat similar profile.
  2. Citra: Complements with its citrusy characteristics.
  3. Amarillo: Provides a comparable fruity aspect


Galaxy hops originated in Australia in the 1990s as a result of Hop Products Australia’s breeding programs. They are a cross between an Australian female plant, J78 (a progeny of Pride of Ringwood), and a male derived from German Perle.

Technical Details

Technical specifications of Galaxy hops:

Alpha Acids (%)15.9 – 19.8
Beta Acids (%)7.8 – 9.9
Alpha/Beta Ratio1.8 – 2.4
Cohumulone (% of alpha)32.0 – 43.0
Total Oils (ml/100g)2.6 – 3.3
Myrcene (% of whole oil)32.0 – 56.0
Caryophyllene (% of oil)7.0 – 14.7
Farnesene (% of oil)2.8 – 5.1
Humulene (% of oil)0.8 – 2.2
Selinene (% of oil)5.9 – 12.7
Humulene/Caryophllene Ratio0.1 – 0.2

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