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Eclipse Hops $10.00$66.00 Inc GST

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Eclipse® hops, a new and exciting variety from Hop Products Australia, were created in 2004 and commercialized in 2020. Known earlier as HPA-016, these hops are a unique cross between high alpha Australian and North American varieties.

Renowned for their bright, juicy character, Eclipse® hops impart distinct flavors of sweet mandarin and citrus, making them a perfect choice for various beer styles.

Batch Specifics

  • Origin: Australia
  • Alpha Acid: 18.5%
  • Crop year: 2023
  • Origin: Australia
  • Alpha Acid: 17.7%
  • Crop year: 2022


T90 Hop Pellets

Packaging Sizes and Details

We sell Cascade hops in the following packaging sizes

  • 250g – mylar bags
  • 500g – mylar bags
  • 1kg – mylar bags

Flavour and Aroma Profile

eclipse hops flavour and aroma profile

Eclipse hops offer a rich aroma and flavor profile characterized by sweet mandarin, zesty citrus peel, and fresh pine needles.

This combination is further enhanced by subtle hints of sweet and sour fruits like kiwi and grapefruit, along with an underlying layer of basil and other herbs​.

Brewing Guide and Usage Tips

Eclipse hops are versatile, suitable for a wide range of beer styles, including Witbiers, Saisons, Pilsners, Pale Ales, IPAs, and NEIPAs.

As a dual-purpose hop, they can be used for both bittering and aroma. Adding Eclipse hops during the boil imparts a robust citrusy bitterness, while using them in dry hopping brings out their vibrant mandarin and citrus peel notes.

To maximize the unique flavor profile of Eclipse, it’s recommended to experiment with different stages of addition during the brewing process


These combinations work well due to their complementary flavor profiles, enhancing the overall complexity and depth of the beer.

  1. Galaxy: Complements Eclipse with its intense tropical fruit notes.
  2. Citra: Enhances the citrus character, adding layers of lemon and lime.
  3. Amarillo: Offers floral and orange notes that pair well with Eclipse’s mandarin flavors.
  4. Mosaic: Provides a complex blend of tropical, citrus, and pine notes that complement Eclipse’s profile.

Eclipse Hops Substitutes

These hops work as substitutes due to their similar citrus and fruity characteristics, though they may bring slightly different nuances to the brew.

  1. Mandarina Bavaria: Offers similar mandarin and citrus notes, though slightly less intense.
  2. Cascade: Provides a grapefruit-citrus character, but with a more pronounced floral note.
  3. Centennial: A good substitute for its citrus and floral notes, though less fruity than Eclipse.


Eclipse hops have an interesting lineage, being a cross-pollination of high alpha Australian and North American varieties.

Developed by Hop Products Australia in 2004, they showcase a unique blend of global hop characteristics.

Technical Details

Alpha Acids17.4 – 19.1%
Beta Acids7.2 – 7.9
Co-Humulone33.0 – 37.0
Total Oil2.5 – 3.0ml/100g

Additional information

Weight N/A
Crop Year: No selection

2022, 2023


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