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When to Add Whirlfloc Tablets – What They Are and How to Use Them

Brewing beer is an ancient art form and science, but one that is still evolving.

The addition of whirlfloc tablets during the brewing process has become commonplace in recent years, but when should you add them?  Most brewers add them in the final 5-10 minutes of your boil. But if you want to learn more about how to use whirlfloc, then keep reading.

What Is A Whirlfloc Tablet?

Whirlfloc tablets are composed primarily of Irish moss and carrageenan, two key ingredients that help create a dense, stable cold break and hot break.

Using Whirlfloc tablets can significantly reduce sediment in finished beer, ensuring improved clarity and flavor stability over time. They also help decrease chill haze formation as well as improve shelf life. With their ability to provide superior clarity without influencing hop character or aroma, they are an essential part of any successful fermentation process.

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How Do Whirlfloc Tablets Work?

The addition of a Whirlfloc tablet at the end of the boil helps create a clearer beer by coagulating proteins into larger particles that can be removed more easily during filtration. In the cold break stage, it helps form a stable precipitate by increasing the surface tension between particles and allowing them to clump together.

At higher temperatures in the hot break stage, it helps accelerate precipitation and allows for faster clarification.

When whirlfloc tablets are added to the wort, the carrageenan binds to proteins and polyphenols in the liquid, and then falls out of solution, taking these unwanted elements with it. This process helps to clarify the beer and remove any off-flavors caused by those particles. The result is a clearer, more flavorful beer without any harsh or bitter tastes.

Whirlfloc tablets can also help reduce chill haze in beers, as they encourage proteins and other haze-causing particles to settle out during fermentation.

By using whirlfloc tablets when brewing beer, brewers can produce a beer that is clear and free of off-tastes or chill haze issues.

When Is The Best Time To Add Whirlfloc Tablets?

Brewers around the world use whirlfloc tablets to improve the clarity and flavor of their beer. But when is the best time to add these tablets to your brew?

Well, the answer is pretty simple really: Add whirlfloc during the last 5 – 10 minutes of the boil. Don’t be tempted to throw it in much earlier, as the extended boil time will render it useless.

How Much Whirlfloc Should I Use?

The amount of Whirlfloc to use depends on the amount of beer being produced. The general rule of thumb is to use 1 whirlfloc tablet per 19 liters of beer.

It should be noted that while we talk about tablets in this article, Whirlfloc is available in tablet form and granulated powder form. Both forms can be used in homebrewing.

The tablet form is preferred as it is easier to simply add 1 tablet to your brew. 

If you are using the granulated form of Whirlfloc, be sure to follow the directions for dosage on the packet.

What Other Finings Can Be Used In Place Of Whirlfloc Tablets?

Whirlfloc tablets are a popular choice for brewers looking to clarify their beer. However, there are other finings that can be used in place of whirlfloc.

Cold Crashing

Cold crashing is a popular choice among homebrewers, as it helps to clear out cold trub and sediment from the beer. Cold crashing involves cooling the beer to near-freezing temperatures, allowing sedimentation and flocculation to occur naturally.


Gelatin finings can also be used in place of whirlfloc tablets, although this will require a bit more effort on the part of the brewer. Gelatin finings must be dissolved into hot water before being added to the fermenter or conditioning tank; this helps ensure that they bind with proteins and other debris in the beer, helping clarify it.

Irish Moss

Another option for brewers looking for an alternative to whirlfloc is Irish moss. This seaweed derivative has been used by brewers for centuries and works similarly to whirlfloc by encouraging flocculation and clarity in your beer. It must also be boiled in hot water before being added to the fermenter or conditioning tank; however, it is not as effective as gelatin finings at removing proteins and other debris from the beer.

No matter which fining you choose to use, make sure you understand how it works before adding it to your brew so that you can get maximum clarity and flavor out of your beer. With some experimentation and patience, you should have no problem finding a fining that works best for your brewing needs!

The Wrap Up

Whirlfloc tablets are a great addition to any brew day, as they help to clarify beer, improve head retention and reduce chill haze. When used correctly, these tablets can be a great way to make a crisp and clean beer. The best time to add Whirlfloc tablets is during the last 10 minutes of the boil. This allows for optimal extraction of the polyphenols from the tablet and helps ensure that they do not influence flavor or aroma. 

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